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Using the 9 P’s of Branding™.

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Marketing – PR – Copy – Design.

Boost your competitiveness.

From 22 years experience.

Improving the profile, prominence, market perception and competitiveness of your “team” (your business).

  Would you like more people to KNOW ABOUT your business?

  Do you want to be a THOUGHT LEADER and Authority Figure?

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  Are you aware of the 60-plus MARKETING TOOLS available to take your business to the next level?

  Have you taken full advantage of your website to BUILD your brand, EDUCATE your market and INCREASE SALES?

  Are you using HIGHLY PERSUASIVE marketing materials such as case studies, testimonials, e-newsletters, advertorial?

  Is CUSTOMER LOYALTY important to you? And sales lead generation?

  Are all of your materials consistent… presenting a STRONG BRAND image?

  Would you like on-demand MARKETING STRATEGY-PUBLIC RELATIONS-COPYWRITING-DESIGN services at a fixed rate?


Over 20 years marketing | communication | copywriting | PR | advertising experience across a diversity of markets – industrial, engineering, lubricants, hydraulics, manufacturing, software, commercial A/C, automotive, medical, insurance, accounting, construction, home building, migration, motor sport.

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The Brand Made Me Do It.

What is a brand? More than an eye-catching logo. Much more. Your brand describes who you are, what you do and why, your integrity, spirit of excellence, point of difference, and it has a huge influence on peoples’ perceptions. A brand is the engine room of a business. It empowers and accelerates. It captures peoples’ imagination and determines how profitable you will be. Establish and manage a brand correctly and everyone will be talking about you. Misuse a brand and it becomes a costly waste with the potential to close a business. Welcome to my universe. The brand universe. Our passion.

Our responsibility is to impact your market place and encourage it to want the product or service behind your brand. With a creative-scientific approach. Bring your “race team” (business) into our “pit garage” and allow us to run a “diagnostic” – of your brand, communication methods, market perception, products and services, touch points, strengths and weaknesses, competitors, market shifts and trends. And more. A comprehensive strategic report identifies the various solutions to increase performance, overtaking ability and endurance. To help you win. This is more than a one-off “splash ‘n dash”…Your Image Marketing & Media provides your team with ongoing marketing-strategic-creative back-up throughout the rest of “the race”. Right alongside us is our “Pit Crew” – a hand picked team we have worked with for many years with expertise in online-offline digital media design, web development, social media, search engine optimisation, trademarks, video, photography, signage, printing, packaging, point of sale..

IndustREAL™ Marketing.

With over 20 years experience working with companies in engineering, manufacturing, product development, analysis, tool making, plastics, pipes and valves, pumps, hydraulics, pneumatics, medical science, prototyping, automotive lubricants, oil filtration, home building, simulation, acoustics, the defence supply chain and suppliers to the construction industry…Your Image Marketing & Media are experts in “industreal” marketing and communication with customers and market places.


Set The Pace In A Highly Competitive World.

Every day you are bombarded by hundreds of branding messages (maybe more!). A visual and auditory overload. How many of them successfully inspire you to make a purchasing decision? Not many? So, how does your business become the one that inspires and motivates consumers? Why do people pay more for a Ferrari? Why do they want to own a Rolex? Because of a powerful, highly effective brand strategy. That’s right.